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About Me (Reece Benson)

I am a 19 year old BSc Computer Science student at the University of the West of England.

I have been interested in Computing since the days that I can remember. I didn't grow up around computers, tablets or phones but I did however grow a very quick fascination for anything techie in my childhood years. Anything I had my eye on, I just had to know the ins and outs of it!

I was born into the Internet when I got my first computer. I wanted anything and everything that a Computer could let me do or have access to. The Internet has taught me a lot about safety, online presence, digital footprints, programming, development, algorithms, maths, logic and hell of a lot more!

I have a strong love for both Web Development and Software Development as they are both something that I very much enjoy doing and playing around with! Someday, I would like to put all my skills together to become a successful Entrepreneur, but we'll see...

Web Development (PHP, HTML5, JS, CSS, AJAX, JSON, SQL)
Software Development (C#, C++, VB.NET, Java, Python)

Throughout the previous 8 years of my life, it has been all about computing; websites, software, hacking, security, hardware, etc. I've always wanted to know how every little thing operated and how it was all put together and so that is what I have self taught myself to the best of my own capabilities.

The numerous programming languages I have taught myself over these years taught me patience and dedication. Patience is a massive part of Computing as there have been points where I have wanted to look elsewhere, but the dedication I have for Computing is something which will never fade.


Security authentications are handled here for a numerous amount of services. You can find the list of services by clicking here.


A variety of different plugins, free to use by anybody.


Most, if not all of my projects are hosted on GitHub, feel free to take a look around and see what i'm upto!